Sunday, March 8, 2009


I have been tagged by Katy of BeeKaty
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So here goes!

7 Facts about me:

1. I love tennis

2. Travel is my passion and without a valid passport always on hand I think I might self destruct

3. I am about to turn 35. When I ask you did I become middle aged?!!

4. I have two boys- one aged almost 5 and one 11 weeks.

5. I have lived in the following cities: Brisbane (years..), Augusta Georgia USA (4.5yrs) Wolfeboro, New Hampshire USA (2 months every year for 5 years), Melbourne (1 year) and Hobart (9 months).

6. My many careers over the years have included teaching, corporate trainer, restaurant manager, Cinema Projectionist, International travel consultant, recruitment consultant and tennis coach.

7. I have one sister- Britt, who incidentally has the same name as my one of my closest friends.

7 Unspectacular Facts about Me:

1. I am scared of clowns

2. I can't sit with my back to a door (I think I was Mafia in a past life...)

3. I am in the middle of a post pregnancy diet and have lost 1.75kgs so far with another 4 to go!

4. I despise Bindi Irwin and any child or adult performer who 'over acts'

5. I have never watched a Star Wars movie

6. I haven't eaten popcorn since I worked at Hoyts Cinemas back in 1999

7. I love Country music

7 People I have tagged:

1. Megan from Skinny Megs :

2. Liss from Frills in the Hills:

3. Chantelle from Fat. Mum. Slim.

4. Skye from Skylark and Son

5. Bec from Beck Bakes Cakes

6. Greer from Mefe Art

7. Katy from BeeKaty

A Recent Photo of Me:

This was taken last Saturday before the Races and I am using it as my diet 'before' pic!


  1. I love that outfit! I would love that to be my after picture. beautiful. xx

  2. Oh wow, you look amazing, that outfit is gorgeous! All these things I didn't know about you! But surely, you must have to want to at least SEE Star Wars to say that you have? Maybe with a bag of popcorn...! ;)

  3. you've been tagged ;)

    love the dress :)