Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day One of Swim Squad- and I live to tell the tale...

Today I decided to venture back into the pool for a swim squad. At Yeronga Pool in Brisbane, Red Dog Triathlon do adult swim squads pretty much every day for an hour. There is even child care on site- perfect!

So manned with my new fins, hand paddles, kickboard and goggles I arrived at the pool with much trepidation. I made a beeline for Lane 1 (otherwise refered to as the 'gumby lane') and pretended that I knew what was going on.

'800 with fins' yelled Trent Patten and off we went. Sadly I didn't hear the 'with fins' part of the instructions and couldn't work out why everyone looked like they were swimming the 800m so effortlessly! Fortunately after the first 100m, another swimmer pointed at my error (after being stuck swimming behind me for 2 laps) and this was rectified quickly!

Well, I was exhausted after the first 800m! And the worst bit? Apparently this was the warm up! WTF! I was already tasting breakfast for the second time that day!! Trent being a pretty good swim coach (apparently he was Libby Lentons coach amongst others) recognised it was my first day and when he sent the squad off for another 800m quietly told me that 600m for me would be fine- well thank god!

But it wasn't over yet- another 400m with kickboard and leg buoys and hand paddles, 400m at 'full pace' and then 200m for at 'moderate' pace. Oh. My. God.

Finally it was over bar the 100m cool down swim.

I am very pleased to say that I lived through it and didn't drown. And the best bit? I am keen to go again on Thursday.


  1. Oh wow, you're AMAZING Court!!! Way to go!!!!!!!

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