Monday, February 2, 2009

Well... here I am.

Somehow I have a blog. At any rate I have a URL that has a name that I picked. As for the actually blogging part I confess right here and now that I have never done it before and really am unsure as to the whole deal with it. So, rather than knock it I figured I would give it a red hot go. So we begin.....

About me. Because of course you will be enthralled with the minutiae of my life right? I am in my mid thirties (ps..when the hell did THAT happen!), have two gorgeous boys aged 4 and a half and 6 weeks, a stupid golden retriever and a husband who is a triathlete and cyclist. I am usually a Recruitment Consultant but am lucky enough to have a year off for maternity leave.

I love tennis, travel, shopping, cupcakes, reading and all forms of crap reality TV shows.

I am not a fan of peas, clowns, bees, Australian drama (with the exception of Underbelly) or my very noisy and inconsiderate neighbours.

I love nothing better than getting together with my lovely friends and belting out a few SingStar songs. It has become a regular event with my girl friends and we completely love it. We all sing along to every song and practically fight over the microphone for our turn. We all have 'our' song that we simply must do each time. Is this part of being middle aged when I would prefer a modern day karaoke to actually leaving the house and going to a club or pub or live music venue?


  1. Welcome to blogland gorgeous ;)

  2. YAY, she's blogging !!!!

  3. Bugger, that anonymous was from me, Court.

    xx Megs