Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Pet Peeve at the Hairdressers..

No- it isn't the outrageous cost (although the price for a cut and colour and blow dry is on par with the GDP of a small African nation) but with the hair washer.

The young girl (for they are almost always young and female) assigned to do the wash and condition of your hair has clearly been trained poorly in ESP or.. quite frankly, common sense.

I will set the scene for you: after two (child free) hours at the salon being painted and cut and prodded and quite possibly waxed, you get sent over to the basin for the final wash and condition. Wash goes well- then the part of the whole ordeal you have been anticipating most- the conditioning treatment with the scalp massage. Ahhhh bliss!! Well Bliss for about two nanoseconds before the apprentice hair dresser opens her mouth:

Her: SO... anything planned for the weekend

Me: hmmph (thinking: shut up!)

Her: going clubbing or anything like that?

Me: hmmmph (thinking: last time I went 'clubbing' was circa 1991 and even then I didn't call it that. Please for the love of god shut up!)

Her: I am using a new conditioner today especially formulated for dry scalp

Me: please, please be quiet

Her: Pardon? I couldn't hear you over the music? I just LOVE this song! Last night, my girlfriends and I were singing to it REALLY loudly, and it was SO funny and then.....
Me: ARGH!!!
Seriously- any wannabe hairdressers out there take note. Be quiet during the head massage.
It may prevent me from clubbing you over the head with the nearest GHD

That is all......


  1. On the very VERY rare occasion I attend a hairdressers, I totally agree Court! The massage should be 'quiet time'!

  2. She just killed the moment completely. Silly goose.

  3. sooo funny & soo true!
    totally agree. my partner is the best at it though, completely IGNORES them & they just stop speaking to him & therefore doesn't have to even pretend.

  4. I hate that too. You just want to relax and all they want to do is yap.

  5. Hairdresseres everywhere. Be quiet all of the time.

    I have no children with me, I brought my book. Can you not see I'm not chatty.

    It has been enough, on more than one occassion to make me cancel appts - I'm just not 'up to' the chat.