Wednesday, July 8, 2009

15 Things

Inspired by Blogthis here are 15 (somewhat boring) facts about me:

1. I have two middle names
2. I went to university in the US and it was fabulous
3. I was part of a sorority whilst at college and it is *just* like the movies
4. I can never sit with my back to a doorway. Clearly I was a mafia boss in a past life
(just on that- why is everyone someone famous in a past life? No boring line managers at Telstra or deli staff at the Woolworth's- always Civil War heroes or Mafia godfathers)
5. I would love to be a great singer or be super creative. Sadly I am neither
6. I have a secret love of trashy reality TV
7. I cannot put a paddle pop stick in my mouth. I actually throw out the last part of the ice cream rather than have that wood touch my tongue.
8. I have a benign brain tumor- have had it for 14 years
9. I own more than 120 pairs of shoes (but have only two feet)
10. I have never been to Stradbroke Island but have been all over the world.
11. I sometimes forget which side of the road to drive on late at night or if I am tired. I revert back to where I learnt to drive (ie the US)
12. An essential in my bag when I go out is a pair of flip flops. I am the envy of every other girl standing in that cab line, drunk, late at night with my high heels in one hand and comfy shoes on
13. It has been a while since I have stood in said cab line
14. I have a million business ideas thrashing about in my head but I have no motivation to bring them to fruition
15. I have the most wonderful group of girlfriends in the world


  1. Great post :) Great to see you posting again!

  2. #6: I don't think you can claim that as a guilty pleasure any more Court! Out and Proud :P

  3. About time you updated this! Yeah...your love of trashy reality TV is hardly a secret! I think your group of girlfriends would say the same about you xx

  4. i take my thongs too whenever i head out - though that was a while ago now..

  5. OMG I remember that CAR you got the white one. I just cant remember what type it was. I have got to dig that pic up of you posing beside it.