Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today's Online Purchases

I simply can't help but spend money on kids clothes. The fact that I have a closet (well two actually) full of clothes doesn't seem to stop me in the slightest.

Here are today's purchases for Will and Hugh. The little Guitar shirt is from Gymboree in the US for Hugh, the Giraffe organic cotton Top and Pants for Will are from Gymboree as well.

For Will I bought these gorgeous Calvin Klein onesies and matching Country Road shorts from my mothers group Buy, Sell, Swap forum. All are new with tag but I got them for an absolute song!

Thank goodness I don't have a girl or I fear we would be broke with all my impulse online shopping!!


  1. Yes, I'm thinking it's a bit of a blessing in disguise for your bank balance that Will was not a girl. You'd be eating bread and water or out on the street, if he'd turned out to be a little pinkie!!! As I've said a number of times, though, it's hard NOT to buy girls' clothes - there's so many more of them, compared to boys' clothes, in all of the stores: dresses, skirts, little shorts, pants, tops, t-shirts. With boys, it's just shirts and shorts least, in this climate. Flynn has about 5 jackets, not that he's even worn 2 of them, but I have to buy him SOMETHING!!!

  2. Please email me the links for the bigger kid clothes site! And any good girl's ones too! I know you'll know them - LOL!!!!

  3. Rach- you will love some of the stuff that Tikiboo has. It is my friend Kathryn's business and the clothes are very cute!

    I get lots of stuff from as well (except the exchange rate is terrible at the moment)